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About Us

Everything you need to know about our Startup

Why choose Us.

This idea is based on my own experience. Such projects haven’t been realized before. That is why this is a unique and promising project in today’s computerized world. I have a huge working experience in the IT sphere, which dates back to 2001. This idea, when demonstrated to regular consumers, aroused much interest. I think it is very important to know what the customer wants see as a result. team together with the help of patent attorneys applied for a patent on the invention and is currently in the process of obtaining a patent on a new way of presenting advertisements on the Internet in the USPTO and EAPA (Eurasian Patent Authorities) ‎‎(15468206 from 03/24/2017 and № ЕА201700222/26 from 03/28/2017 accordingly).

Our Mission.

Address the needs of consumers and advertisers.

What we Do.

Our product refers to the system of presenting information during the process of watching videos or photographs on the Internet. The distinctive feature of the product is presentation of additional information to the consumer about the objects on the screen

Our Advantages

We provide Amazing Solutions

This is a short description to advertise a product during a pause when watching videos or when viewing still images with visual linking.
It can be work on many devices such as a computer, smartphone, tablet, on set-top digital TV box, game console, smart TV, virtual reality device and other similar devices connected to Internet.
There are two versions of the information server: a global information server or a dedicated information server. A dedicated information runs on the customer’s computing resources, for only pre-configured media players on the dedicated information server and a limited list of media servers and resources installed by the customer.

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Briketa 25, Minsk, Belarus 220063

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+375 44 7203481

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